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Banksia Grove

Cheap and easy ways to decorate small outdoor spaces

Folding Furniture

Collapsible furniture gives you the option to transform your space in just a matter of minutes. Foldable chairs and tables can be easily set up for entertaining, and then packed away for you to enjoy the extra space when they are not in use. Consider scouting furniture at local garage sales or check out Gumtree. You may just be able to find a second-hand bargain.

Hanging Plants

Hanging up your plants not only looks great, but it’s also a great way to save valuable space. Another benefit is that they won’t need to be weeded, as pest plants have no way of getting into the individual pots. This makes them a great alternative for beginner gardeners looking to test out their green thumbs.

Focal Point Pathways

When most people first glance at a space, they tend to take in the area as a whole, which makes the lack of space much more obvious. To take the focus away from this, consider making a pathway with pavers or stones that will define a clear sense of movement throughout the area. It’s a sneaky little trick but it works!

Bold Colours

Using bold colours is one of the easiest ways to draw attention away from the space and make your guests focus on other areas in the backyard. Bring colour outdoors the same way you would with your interiors, with bright throw pillows, art, cushions and flowers.

To keep things looking slick, stick to 2 or 3 key colours and design your entire yard with the same consistent colour scheme.

Cheap and easy ways to decorate small outdoor spaces